We tested a whole bunch of Electronic Cigarettes and found that right now there is only one that did not make you deal with either defective product, messy refills, nasty aftertaste, throat irritation, or constantly out of stock of cartridges.
The Greensmoke Company



Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette with a few exceptions: it contains no ash, tar, or carbon monoxide like tobacco cigarettes. With green smoke the nicotine is vaporized into steam by an atomizer which allows the user to inhale a vapor that looks and feels just like smoke. The water/nicotine vapor is not dirty like tobacco and there is no odor so your hair, clothes and hands won't smell, and people around you won't complain about the smell or second hand smoke. 

Green Smoke uses a 2 piece construction (others use 3). A lithium battery with a light at the tip and a cartridge (filter) that you screw on. The battery looks like the white paper part of the cigarette. The light at the tip looks like the "lit end" of the cigarette and will "light up" when the e-cigarette is puffed on....its pretty cool.
The cartridge (filter) part of the electronic cigarette is easily screwed onto the battery and contains the liquid nicotine solution with a built-in atomizer that vaporizes the liquid nicotine into a water vapor that looks and feels just like real smoke when inhaled and exhaled.

The benefits of these new "cigarettes" is that smokers still receive the nicotine in the same way they are accustomed to, but without the hundreds of unwanted and unhealthy other ingredients. Also you can choose what levels of nicotine you prefer from 16mg all the way down to 0mg. This allows you to satisfy your nicotine craving without all the unhealthy additives or if you like you can ween yourself down to 0mg of nicotine and quit all together.


Depending on what brand you are smoking and where you are buying them, Green Smokes will be anywhere from 10% to 40% cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes, which was a pleasant surprise considering they are healthier. Plus they have a 5% off $50.00 and 10% off $100.00 coupon code that can be used.

disc5-21371 (5% off)  

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Basically if you are a smoker or have someone you care about that smokes, check out Green Smoke.



My wife has been a smoker for 30 years which is very bad for her MS. I have begged her to quit and she has tried and failed a dozen times. I could see how upsetting it was for her. Not being able to beat the addiction was terrible, so i kept looking for solutions for her. The gum didn't work well enough, the patch gave her an allergic reaction, hypnosis didnt work, software and books didnt work....then i bought her an electronic cigarette. The first one we tried had issues, but when it was working my wife did not miss her cigarettes. We started buying all the different brands on the market to find one that worked the best and setteled on green smoke brand. My wife has not needed to smoke a tobacco cigarette in 9 months now (November 2010). I could not be happier about this.

I just lost one of my dear friends to lung cancer last month which pushed me to write about this product.
I want to reach as many smokers as i can to tell them that there is a healthier alternative.